About Us

Meet Brigitte at Feral Forest Folk

Brigitte was born and raised in NH. She grew up with a love for animals that lead her to become a veterinary technician for 12 years. After her 12 years in the field she was lead into holistic medicine for animals and that grew into a passion for natural health and wellness for both animals and humans. She has been studying herbalism for 8 years and is now a birth and miscarriage doula.

Brigitte has a deep passion to get to her roots and live a more ancestral life. She became ill after a miscarriage several years ago. This has lead her down a path of physical and emotional healing. She has a deep connection to nature and living more in rhythm with nature. In 2019 she drove across the country and back to see national parks and to find a deeper connection to herself. She also built a tiny house on wheels and lived in it full time for year and a half. Brigitte has always wanted to have a homestead, with lots of herbs, veggies and animals. That all came to life for her when she met Jason.

Check out Brigitte’s birth work HERE

Meet Jason of Feral Forest Folk

Jason has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life. He would go out into the woods on his own for weeks at a time living off of the land and learned to survive in the wilderness. He is a skilled hunter, and wilderness guide. Jason also has a passion for physical and natural living. He raised chickens, goats, rabbits and has an amazing green thumb. Jason has a 5 year old son who he does an amazing job raising and teaching all the skills he knows.

Sharing Their Life

Jason and Brigitte met the summer of 2020 in the midst of major change in the world. Both of their desire to be able to depend on themselves and not the system was something they both shared and valued. Brigitte moved into Jason’s cozy log cabin and now they have a small thriving homestead where the raise chickens, goats, honeybees, rabbits and Jason’s young son.

Jason and Brigitte are passionate about their lifestyle and want to share the successes and failures in growing a homestead and their adventures in the outdoors. They are both hoping you will see the value in a more ancestral way of life.

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