Solomon’s Seal with Arnica and CBD


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Solomon’s Seal and Arnica PLUS Pain Salve

Made by my dearest friend Nicole of Living Earth Holistics


This salve is a best seller!!

Solomon’s seal herb is an amazing herb for increasing moisture in between joints and for healing all injuries or issues with connective tissues. By increasing the moisture of the sinovial fluids in the joints, greater mobility can be achieved and there can be a reduction in inflammation, thereby reducing any pain. Arthritis, carpal tunnel, rheumatism, and any injuries benefit greatly from the use of this herb.

Arnica’s long history with use in bumps, bruises, traumatic injury, and pain is well known and is very effective.

Additional pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits are also available through the use of other “Rare and special” flowers known for their effective constituents.

Just a touch of menthol is added to help cool and aid in the absorption so it can penetrate the skin and get to where it needs to go.

Paired together, these herbs deliver powerful pain-relieving relief, inflammation modulation and with continued use, actual healing of the connective tissues.

**for external use only-not for human consumption**

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